Residential Wiring

Wiring can seem like a quick and easy weekend project, but when it comes to electricity, it's best to leave it to the professionals. For your health and safety, let our trained electricians deal with any residential wiring you need completed. From a ceiling fan, to your oven wiring, our team is here and ready to help you in any situation you find yourself in. So call us now in Fall River, MA, and ask for a free estimate for your upcoming residential wiring service.

Recess Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting can add an element of flair, while giving your home functionality. As one of the most attractive and popular lighting styles, recessed lighting can be a quick installation that will instantly brighten up any room or hallway. Being so flush to your ceiling, your home will remain looking the same while feeling warmer and brighter. So call us now to learn more about our recessed lighting installation service available in  Middleboro, MA, and all the surrounding cities.

Pool and Spa Electric Wiring

Doing any electrical work surrounding a large body of water can be a very dangerous job. Avoid all possibilities of electrocution by letting our trained team come out and access any pool and spa electrical wiring that you need completed. We want your surrounding spa lights and in-pool lights to shine bright and clear so that you can use your pool and spa all year round. So call us now if you're ready for your pool and spa to light up once more with elegance and reliability in Taunton, MA, and every encompassing county.

Generator Installation

Installing a backup generator for your home or business can be an exciting time. Our team will prep the installation site on your property, place and stabilize the generator, run an LP fuel or natural gas line, establish a transfer switch, and make all needed electrical connections. We guarantee that your generator runs properly and is ready for any power outage. Call our team to schedule your next generator installation service with us in Carver, MA, and all surrounding cities.

Remodel Electrical Installation

If you're in need of a special electrical configuration for your remodel, our team can get it done for you. If you’ve recently updated or added an addition to your home and need electrical work run throughout the new area, our team can proficiently and reliably install and run all electrical cables needed. Get your remodeling project completed faster by having electrical installed in it today with our professional team at Marc Cabral Electrician in Fairhaven, MA, and all surrounding areas. Call us for a free consultation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Electrical

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used rooms in your home. When there is an electrical problem that needs repairing, it can seem like an absolute headache. Instead of bending over backwards and spending your free time trying to fix something that you may not fully understand, let our professional team swoop in and solve all our electrical issues. We have all the tools needed for a proper and reliable electrical job to be completed. So if you're in need of a kitchen or bathroom electrical service, call our knowledgeable team today in East Wareham, MA, and any encompassing area.